Intangible Adorations Caravan is an immersive, travelling theatrical & film experience that fuses Carnival with science-fantasy biography, and performance rituals with circus and disability culture.

When the Caravan rolls into a neighbourhood as darkness falls, mysterious magic will be unleashed in a live spectacle, suitable for all ages as we attempt to make contact with the Icon, a legendary figure who vanished several years ago.

The caravan is a multi-sensory and interactive experience with robust accessibility built into each show from the inside out, putting both disabled performers and audience members at the forefront of every aspect of the show.

This body of work is the development of two of Lisa Anita Wegner’s previous art projects: Triangle: Ascension into Another Golden Age, which was part of Nuit Blanche in 2014; and Intangible Adorations: Experience The Icon, a theatre/film/social experiment which headlined Rendezvous With Madness in 2019.

Intangible Adorations Caravan proposes that a portal opened during the last performance of The Icon, Lisa’s mysterious persona, and The Icon has vanished from the space-time continuum. One of The Icon’s followers, The Ringmaster, obsesses over the disappearance, and IAC is their show about bringing The Icon back.

The Mad and disabled artists who perform in IAC reclaim the freak show aspect of the carnival. Our performers invite the audience into a new world, crip universe of wonder that is created by the artists’ imaginations, instead of being viewed as a visual display of difference.

One of IAC’s chief goals is to welcome the Mad, disabled, neurodiverse, Deaf, blind and low vision communities, who will be invited specifically and made to feel welcome with features including the use of headsets to facilitate live audio description, ASL and Deaf interpretation, and the use of multisensory methods to engage a range of the audience’s senses. Audio description and interpretation professionals will be costumed for the performances and integrated with the other performers, so that the audience will see this as a natural, organic whole part of the show.

Co-Produced by: Mighty Brave Productions & Tangled Art & Disability, in Association with The National Arts Centre

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