Mighty Brave Productions is a multi-media production company with a compassionate and people-first mandate in all of our work and collaborations.

Based in Toronto, out of Lisa Anita Wegner’s Haus of Dada Studios, the Mighty Brave team has been creating film and multimedia content since 1998 and has evolved from a film production house into a diverse, community focused collective that produces disability led projects in all forms of media, for the world stage. 

Lisa, the company’s founder also acts as a consultant for film & TV projects at all stages of development and is always open to new collaborations with similarly aligned businesses, projects and organizations. To reach out to Lisa about future projects contact the team to discuss. 


Find your tribe, and help your team thrive by sticking together like glue!

We’re all born artists until the world knocks it out of us. Mighty Brave Productions & Haus of Dada honour the artist in everyone.

Everyone’s voice will always have an opportunity to be heard

There are no ‘stupid’ questions

No one is ever in ‘trouble’ on our team, in art its impossible to be wrong

We are all holograms (reflections) of each other

Putting people first means moving slowly and gently, it’s okay to move fast but we don’t put each other under pressure

Gather with your team often and hold space for authentic (heart) connections

Honour vulnerability and connect with compassion and gratitude

Universal accessibility makes all art better for all


Lisa Anita Wegner is a meta-gender filmmaker, producer and storyteller with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome interested in the vital integration of crip culture into public art on the world stage. Lisa creates immersive multi-sensory universes in which to play, perform, and invite the audience in to experience the magic of space-time portals. The overriding theme of her art being ‘liberation through dreaming’. Lisa believes that everyone is born an artist until the world knocks it out of us. Her work encompasses films, large-scale art installations, live, theatrical performances, disruptions and social experiments. 

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